The Joy of Living in Todos Santos: A Conversation with Roberto González

We had a fantastic talk with Roberto González, real estate professional at Los Cabos Sotheby’s International Realty and connoisseur of all things Todos Santos. We discussed investment opportunities in this colonial town, the farm-to-table renaissance that has put Todos Santos at the top of foodies’ travel lists, and the lifestyle options that make this region on the Pacific Ocean of South Baja so attractive. Read on and find out why Todos Santos is among the hottest luxury destinations in the world right now!

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Q: How long have you been fully immersed in Todos Santos and how has the town changed over this period?

A: I have been working closely with my clients in Todos Santos for the last 15 years. Many of them already have properties in Cabo and are looking to also purchase something in the Pacific Ocean area, in locations like Pescadero, Cerritos, and Todos Santos. Over this period of time, we have seen a lot of development activity. I have witnessed a gastronomical renaissance in the area. Renowned chefs create synergies with the local communities, which have a long agricultural tradition and are experts in organic farming, and produce creative, healthy, and wholesome dishes. The restaurant scene is very exciting in the Todos Santos region.

Q: When we talk of Todos Santos, sometimes we just think of the town proper, but it is really a whole area. You just mentioned Todos Santos, Cerritos, and Pescadero, for instance. Can you tell us about the characteristics of these places?

A: These locations are all along the Pacific Ocean coast of the Baja Peninsula, about an hour north from Cabo. One thing they have in common is an amazing climate. They’re close to the Pacific Ocean, so they are generally cooler than Cabo or La Paz, as a nice, fresh breeze continually blows on these places. Besides, what those locations have in common is surfing. You have Cerritos, with a beach that is family-friendly and safe for swimming and surfing. Ideal for kids and adults alike. Then you have San Pedro, which is also a beach for surfing, but at a slightly higher level. It is for more experienced surfers. Then you get to Todos Santos, with the amazing food we just mentioned. Also, here you have the beach of Punta Lobos, incredible for climbing, hiking, and exercising. The sunsets from up there are spectacular. Just slightly north of Todos Santos, there’s La Pastora beach, which is beautiful, and houses the Green Room, a beachside restaurant that I highly recommend.

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Q: What kind of lifestyle do people look for in Todos Santos?

A: Contact with nature is definitely an important element. There is great peace in all those communities. You can go for a walk on the beach, you can go for a walk in the desert, or in the mountains. They are places that are growing, that’s true, but there really aren't a lot of inhabitants yet. You can really have your own space there. And that is what many people are looking for now: a secluded space where you can be in contact with nature, where you can practice outdoor activities, and where you can also meet interesting people and hang out at world-class restaurants or cafes. For instance, a popular activity there is hiking in the desert and looking for special fauna and flora, photographing it, and then sharing it with others that are also into this activity.

Q: It seems that since COVID and the lifestyle changes it produced, everyone wants to move to Todos Santos. Why is that?

A: The way we live and work has changed. A lot of people are working from home nowadays. Indeed, after COVID, people are looking to spend more time with their families, quality time where they can enjoy healthy activities. Todos Santos is good for living in the post-COVID world. There is good-quality Internet available there, and it is also strategically located between the cities of La Paz and Cabo San Lucas. There is an excellent four-lane highway that connects Todos Santos southwards and westwards. The highway has been great for the development of these communities. Todos Santos is the right balance between seclusion and connectedness.

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Q: Can we go back to the gastronomy boom that Todos Santos is experiencing – why is the food there so good?

A: As we mentioned earlier, there is a strong tradition of agriculture in Todos Santos. Historically, Todos Santos was a place where sugar cane was grown and processed. The town’s privileged location means that it has a good climate and, because of its proximity to the Sierra de La Laguna, water is available throughout the year. That is not to say that there’s an abundance of the liquid. This is the desert, and water has to be used very responsibly. I think the local communities are very aware of that. But the climate and water factors added to the fact that the soil is very fertile result in outstanding produce. There are a few excellent restaurants in the area with their own vegetable gardens. Hierbabuena is a good one, as is Agricole, both in Pescadero. The concept is that the produce is grown right there, it’s prepared fresh, and then served right to your plate. It is not too common that vegetables are the most delicious thing on the menu, but in the Todos Santos area, that’s often the case. Fish is also excellent here. Todos Santos is a fishing town, and at Punta Lobos, if you get there any day after 2:00 PM, you can buy your fish directly from the fishermen. The people who live there and know about this system buy fresh fish every day. And you can find outstanding veggies at any market, really, not just at organic markets or restaurants – any normal store offers great produce. Also, you don’t have to go to a fancy restaurant for unforgettable food. Any old fish taco stand on the road serves excellent meals at a very reasonable price.

Q: When did Todos Santos become a "Pueblo Mágico," and what change did that bring about?

A: It happened about 15 years ago. This distinction put Todos Santos more on the map. It had been a hidden paradise for many years, but now, thanks to the “Pueblo Mágico” program and other factors the town is very well-known. The goal is that the town and its surrounding region develop in a sustainable manner, with respect for the environment, keeping in mind the limitations inherent to a desert community, and in a way that Todos Santos remains quiet, orderly, and beautiful.

enter image description here Casa San Pedro and its gorgeous red brick facade. Downtown Todos Santos. Listed by Los Cabos Sotheby's International Realty

Q: At Los Cabos Sotheby's International Realty we have properties in downtown Todos Santos, as well as in Pescadero and Cerritos, and other neighboring locations. Can you tell us about the type of properties in each of those locations and the investment opportunity they represent?

A: There are plenty of investment opportunities. We have highway-front properties, beach front properties, and downtown properties. Highway-front lots are perfect for developing warehouses, bungalows, or even commercial plazas. I think one of the factors that has brought Agricole, the restaurant we mentioned earlier, such success is its location on the highway. Something on the beach could result in an ideal vacation home, but you can also think of developing a small hotel or another type of business. However, beachfront properties tend to be residential in Todos Santos. It is worth pointing out that beachfront buildings have to be carried out in an environmentally-sound manner. Respecting, for example, the beautiful sand dunes that turtles use for nesting. Now, in downtown Todos Santos, I am the listing agent of a handsome red brick facade home called Casa San Pedro. It is located in the colonial part of downtown, on Benito Juarez Street. In that area you have access to several appealing places, like the Poza, the main garden, many restaurants of very good quality, like Jazzamango where you can have breakfast, cafes, bookshops, and art galleries. Todos Santos is perfect for a leisurely walk at any time of the day. Then, there is a newer area of town, called "The other side," where younger families are building houses right now and where prices tend to be lower. Also, there is a place called Las Playitas which is where many people are looking for properties nowadays because of its proximity to the sea and to the surf spots.

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Roberto González is a real estate professional at Los Cabos Sotheby’s International Realty. He is an avid golf player and an expert guide to the lifestyle options that make Todos Santos and Baja California Sur unique. Contact Roberto today for selling or buying a luxury property in Todos Santos, Los Cabos, and other locations in Baja Sur.


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