Paul Lavoie's Marriage of Art and Nature at Casa Sur

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El Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas is a luxury residential community with a history spanning four generations and more than 40 years. Its distinctive architectural style, while flexible and inclusive, is circumscribed by the need to harmoniously blend with the surrounding granite hills and expansive Pacific Ocean views. In this context, renowned interior designers have found El Pedregal to present particular challenges and opportunities for creativity. The work of Calgary-based Paul Lavoie on El Pedregal’s Casa Sur is a prime example of a successful project.

Casa Sur is one of ten exclusive beachfront homes at El Pedregal and is currently on the market, listed by Los Cabos Sotheby’s International Realty. It is situated directly on the beach facing the Pacific Ocean. Spectacular sunrises and tranquil evenings are daily on display from the residence’s elegant living areas and expansive outdoor terrace. Paul Lavoie completely renovated and masterfully decorated Casa Sur. In an email exchange with us, Lavoie offered his thoughts on the creative approach he took at the residence.

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The overall concept of the design for Casa Sur is what first strikes anyone that visits. One of its many outstanding features is the floor-to-ceiling window in the living room that entirely opens creating an ample indoor-outdoor living area. “The simplicity of the design is truly the statement. This allows the view and the ocean to breathe. This home is truly a masterpiece of creativity and craftsmanship,” says Lavoie. This observation dovetails with the Architectural Digest profile of a home in Calgary Lavoie renovated, where he explains that the footprint of that house had natural balance already. He simply shifted it and had the new floor plan decided in the first 10 minutes. This is also the way he approached Casa Sur — he knew what he was going for immediately after his first encounter with the property. “This home has a classical balance,” Lavoie points out. “The architecture is an exercise in modern elegance.”

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When discussing the main architectural characteristics of Casa Sur that allowed him to create a beautiful interior design, Lavoie mentions several elements of the home’s architecture that were perfect for creating synergies with his design expertise. “The positioning of the property truly allows the experience to begin at the beginning. The rock formations have been elevated into a sculptural, organic experience.” This is precisely the spirit of El Pedregal as a luxury community set in the backdrop of a stunning natural seascape. Moreover, while Lavoie’s work is marked by the creation of homes that reflect the individual style of the people that live in them, he is also masterful at balancing individuality with universality, and his designs have wide-reaching appeal. This is crucial for the time when a property he designed changes owners, as it remains attractive to new prospective dwellers. This is definitely the case with Casa Sur. “This home is ready for anyone, and the focus of such a simple design is the view,” he says.

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When asked about the biggest challenge of designing a beach house vs a city dwelling, Lavoie is concise and to the point: “A beach house is meant to be relaxed, easy living. Casa Sur has everything in that sense, and I had that goal in my mind’s forefront.” Lavoie does acknowledge that it was challenging to successfully combine Casa Sur's open, flowing spaces with a contemporary interior design. But letting the architecture and the residence’s natural surroundings speak for themselves made the process straightforward. And creating synergies between this and the right materials and finishes was key. “The experience at Casa Sur is so elevated! Picking the highest quality materials married with thoughtful design is crucial, and becomes very evident the moment you enter,” Lavoie notes. “This home is a true all round experience. The finishes allow the home to reflect what it really is: quality craftsmanship and creativity,” he adds.

For those seeking the ideal luxury beachfront living experience, El Pedregal in Cabo San Lucas is incomparable. Known as a beacon of luxury and coveted among investors looking to capitalize on the ever-growing desirability of Los Cabos as a real estate destination, this well-established community remains among the destination’s most prestigious ones. If you are interested in Casa Sur, do not hesitate to contact Los Cabos Sotheby’s International Realty real estate professional Gabriela Velazquez for more information.

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