Experience a Wellness Lifestyle in Los Cabos: The Ultimate Destination for Health Enthusiasts

For those interested in wellness, Los Cabos offers a wide variety of options. The region's stunning natural landscapes, which include mountains, deserts, and coral reefs, are a major draw for visitors. Additionally, there are numerous dining options available, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free dishes. One aspect that sets Los Cabos apart is its organic markets, which feature locally sourced fresh produce, and its farm-to-table restaurants, which prioritize local ingredients. With 350 days of sunshine per year, the weather is also ideal for outdoor activities. We caught up with Arturo Navarro, global real estate advisor at Los Cabos Sotheby's International Realty and wellness connoisseur, to discuss Los Cabos as an ideal destination for those that value health as a lifestyle. Read on to learn more!

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Q. You have lived in many countries around the world. How do other places compare to Los Cabos in terms of the wellness lifestyle they offer?

A. There are many places in Asia, like Bali, India, or Thailand, and also in Europe, where the wellness offer is incredible. Wholesome food, wellness retreats, detox options, and ways of living a healthy lifestyle abound. Los Cabos and South Baja also boast many options for wellness aficionados. Los Cabos is successfully diversifying from a destination centered on nightlife to one where many wellness options are available. Its stunning natural areas – including mountains, deserts, and coral reefs – are of course a big part of its attractiveness. Also, you go to restaurants here, just normal restaurants, and there are many alternatives on the menu: vegetarian, vegan, or gluten-free dishes. Something that makes Los Cabos unique is the organic markets that we have here, with fresh produce from local farms. We also have farm-to-table restaurants that get their ingredients locally. The weather helps a lot, as we have 350 days of sunshine in the year, which makes it easy to do outdoor activities.

Q. What are the elements that a destination has to have in order to be considered a wellness destination?

A. The availability of local, organic fruits and vegetables is very important. We have that here at several organic markets around South Baja. There is also a network of organic farms, and many of them have restaurants onsite where you can have delicious meals prepared with the vegetables and ingredients they grow right there, without chemicals. It also has to have options for outdoor activities. In the Alps, for example, you have hiking and skiing. Here in Los Cabos, there’s an amazing array of water activities, like kitesurfing or scuba diving, and also inland options, like camping or hiking. Also, there are several hotels that offer retreats or alternative therapies. Yoga, detox, and meditation are common activities here, as well as acupuncture and traditional Mexican sweat lodges known as temazcal. Wellness is more than shopping at a particular place rather than another one. It is a lifestyle.

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Q. As a Los Cabos resident that lives a wellness lifestyle, how do you feel that the destination supports you?

A. I’ll tell you how a normal day for me looks. I get up and have a glass of freshly pressed juice. Then, I go to the gym, and after that, I’ll do some yoga, and play tennis, or golf. I love to go to the beach and walk my dogs in the hills or on the beach, too, so I try to do that as often as possible. If there is a special event, my wife and I like to explore it. For instance, there was a yoga festival in Todos Santos recently, which was very interesting. I often grocery shop at one of the organic markets in the area, and once in a while my wife and I will have lunch or dinner together at a farm-to-table restaurant like Tamarindos. I love Tamarindos because of the view, and because it is more traditional than other options. It feels more Mexican. Enrique Silva, the chef, does a great job with the menu and there are also great cooking classes. When you're there, you feel like you're in Italy because you're looking out at the palm trees and the orchard, but from above. It's something that I think the other offerings don't compare with.

Q. What’s the local gym offer like?

A. There are several gyms in Los Cabos. I go to one that is close to where I live, but I’ve found that there are plenty of fine gyms in the region. If you buy a property in one of the developments or gated communities here, like Hacienda or Cabo del Sol, you will most likely have access to the onsite gym. But there are gyms open to the local population that are affordable and well stocked.

Q. What about tennis?

A. I am actually a professional tennis coach with ample experience teaching and running tennis programs around the world. In Los Cabos, I teach at the Waldorf Astoria. But there are plenty of resorts that have tennis courts, and private communities, too. In Pedregal there are courts, for example, and if you have friends that live there, you can play if they invite you!

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Q. You mentioned water activities like snorkeling. Where do you like to snorkel?

A. The beauty of snorkeling is that you can do it in an hour and then be off to tackle the rest of your day. I like going to swimmable beaches like Chileno Bay or Santa Maria. One of the best experiences here in Baja is to rent a yacht with Pisces Yachts and go snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding, watch the sunset and visit some pristine beaches. Also, I enjoy going to Playa del Amor and Playa El Divorcio, which is a must-do in Cabo.

Q. Can you tell us about hiking, too? For someone who doesn't know where to go, where would you recommend and what is the experience like?

A. The experience varies according to the difficulty and duration of the hike. There are options for everyone. The hills around El Tezal, the Cerro de la Zeta, and Pedregal are good options. Obviously, the higher you go, the more spectacular views you're going to find. It's a matter of asking a local how to do it. I'd be happy to give you tips on where to go. Then, there are tour guides, which I've seen lately that are being offered on the streets, that take you there. Some hotels also have guided tours, like the Waldorf.

Q. What is your favorite organic market in Los Cabos?

A. I enjoy the one in San Jose del Cabo on Saturday mornings. They have live music, cultural activities, and delicious options for lunch. There are local artists and the atmosphere is very family-friendly. Then there is also one at Palmilla, another one at Pedregal, and a smaller one at El Tezal.

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Q. Can you live a wellness lifestyle within the comfort of your own development or even your own home, without venturing much into the outer world?

A. Even when it’s nice to go out in Los Cabos and enjoy what the area has to offer, sometimes we just like to stay home, and that doesn’t mean one has to sacrifice a wellness lifestyle. Actually, since covid, homeowners and developments have included at-home wellness amenities. For example, many communities and developments have yoga lessons, detox spas, and juice bars. Casa Milagro, a home whose seller I represent, boasts a jacuzzi, a steam room, and a pool. It also has enough room for installing a state-of-the-art gym, and it is located at a convenient distance from some of the best hiking trails in Los Cabos, as well as Cabo San Lucas’ most iconic beach: Medano Beach.

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Arturo Navarro is a global real estate advisor at Los Cabos Sotheby’s International Realty. Additionally, he holds the USPTA’s Elite Professional membership category, certifying his expertise in all aspects of tennis teaching and management. Contact Arturo today for selling or buying a luxury property in Los Cabos, and for all things wellness-related in the destination.


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