East Cape, Los Cabos: Luxury Redefined

By Mary Jane Keehn, Real Estate Professional, Los Cabos Sotheby's International Realty

At Mexico’s number one luxury travel destination, you may not expect deserted beaches, quiet fishing villages, groves of mango trees, and more dirt roads than paved ones. But for those looking for a different sort of Los Cabos, the East Cape is simply incomparable.

Lot A35 Lighthouse Point, East Cape, US$375,000 Lot A35 Lighthouse Point, East Cape, US$375,000

Often referred to as Old Baja, this region is on the eastern coast of Baja Sur, stretching along the Sea of Cortez from San Jose del Cabo to El Cardonal, which is very close to the city of La Paz. The East Cape encompasses more than 100 km of some of the most beautiful and pristine beaches Baja has to offer. Access to these secluded spots is difficult, resulting in the area being sparsely populated – a sharp contrast to the cities of San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas.

As one drives through the East Cape, small collections of beach dwellings ranging from humble cottages to impressive villas discreetly enter the scene. These are the lucky folks that have claimed a piece of paradise in communities like La Fortuna, Vinorama, Los Frailes, or Las Barracas.

Living in the East Cape is a statement, a redefinition of luxury. It is a lifestyle of less. No ATMs, supermarkets, tourist shopping, nightlife. Usually, these beach homes are off-grid, powered by solar and supplied with trucked-in water. Vehicles of choice are off-road quads and four-wheel drive Jeeps. Small mom-and-pop convenience stores and roadside restaurants punctuate the roads offering refreshments.

Casa Lull Galloro, East Cape, US$875,000 Casa Lull Galloro, East Cape, US$875,000

A drive on the Old East Cape Highway will definitely be one of the most memorable experiences of your time in Mexico. You will probably meet more cattle and goats than automobiles as you pass. But an easier route is taking the Transpeninsular Highway 1 from the airport to Los Barriles, even if this route cuts inland and bypasses the beaches. Along the highway are the towns of Miraflores, Santiago, La Ribera, Los Barriles and El Cardonal. These established towns have some of the most productive organic farms in Baja Sur. La Ribera, Cabo Pulmo, and Los Barriles are well-known for sportfishing, wind sports, scuba diving, and off-roading. Iconic hotels that were built 70 years ago to cater to sport fishermen and the Hollywood elite still maintain their historic charm. Additional sights include hot springs, an old Spanish mission, the Tropic of Cancer landmark, and Costa Palmas Resort. Costa Palmas offers a break from the Old Baja with newly built five-star hotels, a 250 boat Marina, an 18-hole Robert Trent Golf Course, and several ultra-premium private residences.

Casa Lull Galloro, East Cape, US$875,000 Casa Lull Galloro, East Cape, US$875,000

If your visit to the East Cape leaves you yearning for the kind of Baja lifestyle where it is common to watch whales, dolphins, and mobula rays just 100 meters offshore, or to witness a nest hatching of baby sea turtles on a simple beachcombing stroll, then there are many real estate opportunities waiting for you. Within the past year, developers have recognized the area’s potential and are moving forward with plans for resorts and residential communities. It is an unparalleled time for buyers to find the perfect location at the East Cape to meet their needs.

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